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Please read the following carefully if you want to learn about the current status of your parcel
You have received a WINIT Processing number which was provided to you by an online seller, possibly through an online marketplace. Most likely, WINIT is providing logistics and supply chain services to the online seller. You may use this Processing number at
The Processing number you have received for WINIT is not intended to track the delivery of the parcel. Instead, we have been authorized by the seller to provide confirmation that we have indeed received a parcel from the seller and/or have passed it onto the carrier for delivery. The carrier is the company actually performing the delivery of the parcel to you. In the tracking information we provide, you will only see a specific date and time for which we will confirm that a package has indeed been received by us and/or passed to the actual carrier, using a specific service by that carrier. If the service is a tracked service, in most cases, you will see in the tracking record the name of the carrier entrusted with the delivery of the parcel to you and the actual tracking number used by that carrier. You can use this tracking number at the carrier’s website to get tracking information for the delivery. Please contact the carrier for further inquiries. If the service is an untracked service, we will confirm that the parcel was indeed passed onto the carrier. Unfortunately you will not receive any additional tracking information before delivery. Please contact the carrier for further inquiries. As we pass off the parcel to the actual carrier delivering the parcel, we will not have any additional information other than those provided in our tracking log. Please contact either the carrier we listed or the seller for further inquiries. You may be wondering how we are able to confirm that the parcel has been received/passed to the carrier. That’s simple, we either picked up the parcel from the seller prior to the handoff to the carrier, or we may be providing fulfillment services to the seller and the item was previously stored in our warehouse.
Additionally, if you don’t see any tracking information for our Processing number yet, don’t worry, it may take up to 24 hours for the tracking information to show up at our website.